Friday, April 27, 2007

Ladies, Don't Let Your Man Hit The Bottom...

I had to lift this from O'Brien's site. It was too cute.

Ladies, don't let your man hit that bottom.

And gentlemen...

Aim for the bottom! AIM FOR THE BOTTOM!

Friday, April 13, 2007

CHANGE LEOPARDON! (Originally Published 3/22/07)

Well, I admit, I did like that damned My Way Power Rangers short, as politically incorrect as I am.

However, just to prove that I'm not a totally awful awful person, here, watch Spider-Man.

WARNING: I do not speak or read Japanese. However, these are not the correct subtitles, nor this is my doing (I don't have the patience, especially with the stone tablet I call a computer). And there is an un-subtitled version of the following on YouTube, but dammit... this one is funnier.

And on that note... enjoy.

A WARNING (Originally Posted 3/6/07)

This post is going to be offensive to some of you... okay, all of you. These guys that I'm about to show you are using stereotypes for a joke. What they are saying is wrong. Dead wrong. But, it's funny... so what? So those of you who are easily offended, you need to click back right now.


From MY WAY ENTERTAINMENT, the makers of such classics as "My Way Power Rangers: Gangsta Crizzab" and "J2: Juggment Day" comes......

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I Had To Do This (Originally Posted 2/22/07)

My cousin decided to "torment" his poor nieces a few months back by forcing them to play "Shadow of the Colossus". I try not to advocate the "misery" of younger relatives. (Unless your own offspring misbehave, of course.)

The trouble was, these were so damn funny... I couldn't stop laughing.

And now... The Colossus Experiment!



Imperfect World Television

I'm spinning off the video postings in their own blogs. Enjoy.